The SinoHyKey management team, consisting of tenured professionals with years of experience in the fuel cell industry, is here to make sure your ideas transition seamlessly into reality. Our leaders have been part of renowned companies such as Ballard and AFCC, and their expertise has been indispensable to us and our clients.

Dr. Siyu Ye

Chief Technology Officer

A fellow of the Canadian National Academy of Engineering, Dr. Ye has more than thirty years of research and industry experience under his belt, mostly in the fields of electrochemistry and fuel cell development; his contributions to these subjects have earned him global recognition as a leading expert in electrocatalysis and MEA/catalyst design. After obtaining his PhD in electrochemistry from Xiamen University, he first pursued post-doctoral research in Germany and Canada, then joined Ballard Power Systems Inc as a Principal Scientist in the year 2000. He returned to China in 2018 to serve as vice chairman and CTO of SinoHyKey Technology, where he led the development of the SHK Hydrogen Energy Research Institute. In addition to his corporate endeavors, Dr. Ye is also the author or co-author of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and books.

Dr. Yuquan Zou

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

As a leader in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology, Yuquan co-founded SinoHyKey Technology Company in 2017. Prior to this, he worked in academia and at the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (a Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company joint venture), where he developed fuel cell catalysts, membranes and other MEA technologies. During his eight years at AFCC, he filed ten patents relevant to fuel cell research. He has a Masters in the Institute of Chemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2001), and a Doctorate in Polymer Chemistry from the National University of Singapore (2006). At SinoHyKey, Dr. Zou is responsible for ethically developing corporate strategies and technical road maps, as well as leading the technical team to innovate and conduct business in accordance with the law.

Dr. Junke Tang

VP, Production

Dr. Tang is the head of SinoHyKey’s production operations. Prior to joining the company, Dr. Tang led the development of China’s first polymer electrolyte membrane production line, and has been awarded over fifty patents, eight of which are international. With his expertise in high precision, ultra-thin membrane technology and its engineering processes, he has since come to establish SinoHyKey’s roll-to-roll CCM coating line and make significant advancements in the commercialization of high performance MEAs.

Dr. Yunsong Yang

Manager, Research and Development

With 18 years of experience in proton exchange membrane and membrane electrode assembly material research. Yunsong has been a part of SinoHyKey from the very beginning. Throughout his career at Ballard and AFCC, he authored or co-authored 25 peer-reviewed papers and part of two books, with 24 patent applications granted or pending. Yunsong earned his Master’s and Doctorate in Polymer Science and Physics from Zhejiang University. As a member of the technical team, Dr. Yang oversees the research and development activities at SinoHyKey.

Dennis Sun

Manager, Product Qualification

As a designated Professional Chemist, Dennis has been at SinoHyKey since its inception. Mr. Sun received his Bachelor of Sciences specializing in Material Chemistry from the University of British Columbia in 2012. While in school, he joined AFCC as a co-op student and became a full-fledged Research Scientist after graduation. In his eight years working with polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, Dennis has taken on projects involving mostly catalyst material and characterization. On the technical team at SHK, he managed the catalyst specification database and established numerous testing and validation protocols for MEA designs; currently, he is responsible for SinoHyKey's MEA testing and validation laboratory operations. Part of his work also includes establishing a reliable MEA material supply chain.

Tom Wu

Manager, Product Development; Director, Vancouver Ops

As a multi-disciplinary engineer with an eye for details, Tom joined SinoHyKey at its origin. Previously, he was a manufacturing engineer at Boreal Genomics, which developed biotechnology equipment for early stage cancer detection; he subsequently joined AFCC as a process engineer, where he was responsible for fuel cell MEA and seal prototyping, as well as the manufacturing projects for the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell vehicle and next generation programs. Mr. Wu earned his Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia in 2009. As a member of the technical team, Tom oversees the MEA product life cycle and serves as the representative for SinoHyKey outside of China.